First Aid for Third Degree Burns
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First Aid for Third Degree Burns

Here is the first aid treatment that needs to be administered in case of third degree burn injuries

Before treating any degree of burn, one must be able to identify a third degree burn from the other types of burns.

What are Third Degree burn injuries?

Those burn injuries which damage all three layers of skin are classified as third degree burn injuries. In some cases the damage extends to muscles, nerves and fat and results in permanent tissue damage. These injuries no matter how small in size need immediate medical attention. In more severe cases the bone also gets affected by the burn. The appearance of injury varies from charred black to dry and white. The condition is accompanied by difficulty in breathing and if smoke has been inhaled carbon monoxide poisoning takes place too. In healthy adults ninety percent of body surface injury can result in death while in elderly this percentage is sixty percent.

Signs and symptoms of third degree burn injury:

• All three layers of skin are damaged.

• Body may get disfigured

• Damage extends to hair follicles, sweat glands, nerve endings

• There may be no feeling of pain due to destroyed nerves

• Injured area does not turn white on touch

• Swelling is present

• Skin turns leathery in texture

• In some cases skin may get discoloured

• Circulation is impaired due to development of crusty surface

• Body gets dehydrated

• Symptoms tend to become worse with time

• There are no blisters formed

Treatment of third degree burns are as follows:

• Seek immediate medical care

• Administer oxygen as soon as possible

• Run clean cool water over burns. Alternatively, you can cover the burn with a cool wet sterile bandage or clean cloth until professional help arrives.

• Raise the burned area above the heart whenever possible

What not to do in third degree burn injuries:

• Adhesive dressings must never be used on a burned area.

• Do not break any blisters that may have formed.

• Do not fiddle with the injured area.

• Do not over cool the injury as it may result in extremely low body temperatures.

• Do not soak the burn in water.

• Do not pull any clothing stuck to the injury as it may cause further injury and infection.

• Do not apply any kind of ointment to the affected area.

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