First Aid for Second Degree Burns
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First Aid for Second Degree Burns

Read on to know the first aid to be given in case of second degree burn injury.

Here are the first aid steps to be taken in case second degree burn injury. But before that one must be able to identify a second degree burn from other types of burns.

What are Second Degree burn injuries?

Burns are classified as second degree burn when the first layer of the skin is burnt and dermis which is the second layer of the skin has also been burnt. When these are less than three inch in diameter they are treated as minor second degree burn. If the diameter happens to be more than three inch or the burnt areas include hand, face, feet, groin, joint then it is classified as major second degree burn. Partial thickness of skin is damaged in second degree burns. In adults if this kind of partial thickness burn is present on more than fifty percent of body surface it can prove fatal. Among children this percentage needs to be less for it to be fatal.

Signs and symptoms of Second Degree burn injury:

o The second layer dermis is affected by the burn.

o The burnt portion is swelled and reddened

o Severe pain accompanies redness and swelling

o Body becomes dehydrated in some cases

o The burn may turn white on touching.

o Blisters develop

o A clear fluid comes out of the blisters

o The burn may leave scars afterwards.

o Movement becomes difficult if affected portion includes a joint.

First aid treatment of Second degree burns:

o Clean the burn carefully and thoroughly

o Soak the burn in cool water

o Alternatively cool wet cloth can be put on the burn to soak away the heat if the portion is small.

o Dry the affected area gently and carefully

o Let the injured person lie down.

o Apply an antibiotic cream

o If possible keep the burnt portion on high level

o Loosly cover the burn with non-fluffy, unsticky, material to cut off air from it.

o Seek medical help immediately

o Ensure a tetanus shot after consulting the doctor if one has not been taken recently as burns tend to develop tetanus infection.


What not to do in case of Second degree burn injuries:

• Adhesive dressings must never be used on a burnt area.

• Do not break any blisters that may have formed.

• Do not fiddle with the injured area.

• Do not let the injured person itch the burn injury


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