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First Aid & CPR
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Both these medical emergency Heimlich treatments can save a life; one might be of another person while the other might be you. Learn some basic information to be a rescuer for a choking victim or remove a foreign object from your own trachea.
Published by Roberta Baxter 96 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +22 votes | 13 comments
First aid facts about ace bandages begin with how to use these for the multiple purposes that these products were created to be used . How to use an ace bandage for health & wellness are discussed for the body when a doctor recommends this compression bandage for sprains, strains or wound treatments.
Published by Roberta Baxter 98 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +13 votes | 13 comments
Home remedies to treat a child bump on head. Also included in this article is medical treatment for a head bump and the symptoms of a possible concussion. A bump on the head can be serious or minor, it is important to understand the home remedies, medical remedies and symptoms of a concussion.
Published by 3lilangels 121 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +7 votes | 12 comments
Drowning is a condition of complete immersion of the nose and mouth in water (or any other liquid). Water enters the windpipe and airways, and stops the air from reaching lungs thus making the person unable to breathe.
Published by Ron Siojo 104 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +13 votes | 11 comments
Summer is the season when people are more involved in outside activities. It is the season for accidents and insect bites too. Bees which are territory-sensitive attack human beings and other living beings that force into their territory.
Published by +Paulose 96 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +19 votes | 7 comments
Open trauma wounds are common injuries that often result from accidents in the home, at work and in automobile crashes. In all cases of open trauma wounds certain information should be assessed as quickly as possible.
Published by Londis Carpenter 104 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +22 votes | 7 comments
This article includes a personal story about a jelly fish sting. it also tells you want to bring to the beach with your to be prepared in case you do get a jelly fish sting. It also tells you how to treat a sting and when you should seek medical attention. There are also tips for avoid Jelly Fish.
Published by Rae Morvay 88 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +10 votes | 5 comments
Epsom salt can treat many types of health problems, include poison ivy and many other rashes.
Published by Rae Morvay 91 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +6 votes | 4 comments
Learn common symptoms to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning as well as understanding risks and how to prevent toxic levels of the gas
Published by Debbie Edwards 102 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +2 votes | 4 comments
Being out in the sun is fun. Who does not love to enjoy a sunny day out in water theme parks or at the beach? At the same time, spending time under the hot sun without adequate protection can hurt the skin. The acute cutaneous inflammatory reaction on the skin can cause redness, discomfort and pain. A first degree burn on the skin is usually known as sunburn and the only way to protect the skin
Published by Nisha Danny 105 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +10 votes | 4 comments
Home remedies for bleeding from minor cuts and scraps.
Published by 3lilangels 120 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +6 votes | 4 comments
This article gives you details on what you should do if you sever a finger. How to care for the finger so that it has a better chance of being re-attached. Treating it properly can make a big difference in weather or not the finger can be saved. Also gives details on what you should not do.
Published by Rae Morvay 88 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +9 votes | 3 comments
How to stop a nose bleed. What to do if someone gets a nose bleed
Published by Rae Morvay 98 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +9 votes | 3 comments
Competition and training with an all-out effort can be likely connected with occasional injuries and it is important to learn how these injuries could be avoided or treated when they do happen.
Published by Athena Goodlight 99 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +14 votes | 3 comments
A personal know-how on First-Aid Treatment is very important for everyone. The “Just In Case” motto and the “Always Prepared” Scout’s oath is always essential in case of accidents in every day life happens. First Aid Treatment slows down the effect of the accident; it may maybe cuts or bleeding, drowning, animal bites or any other disorder attack. So let’s be prepared!
Published by Ron Siojo 106 months ago in First Aid & CPR | +13 votes | 3 comments
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